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Henk Knaupe

Founding Partner

“Our resources have a clear purpose:

the success of our customers.”


Yenni Strippelmann

Strategy & Sustainability Director

“We believe that it is crucial to understand that thinking is a resource. It is what makes the key difference between success and failure.”


Finn-Lasse Schäfe

Human Resources Manager

“The foundation of success is fulfilled employees.”

Lorena Maass

Office Management

“Successful office management means creating the right environment for productivity and a pleasing office culture.”

Zainab Kassindja


“Ready to give what’s missing. THAT’S MY WORK SPIRIT!”


Moritz Kauhs


“Failure does not exist. Either you succeed or you learn something new.”


Viola Gaffron


“The relationships with our customers do not aim to close deals but to build trust.


Gesine Hanebuth

Dual Student


Lene Rinkel

Dual Student