You can tell the perfect base by the resources it has.

Welcome to RessourcenReich
We bring together two things that belong together:
brands and sales.

And we do this by uniting under one roof two specialist agencies whose competencies complement each other ideally:

Where brands find a home

In markets that are always moving it’s reassuring to have a safe berth, but also one that you can set off from to new shores at any time. BRAND PIER is a dedicated brand communications and PR agency for creative solutions with a long-term impact.

New paths to new sales

Anyone navigating in new channels needs a really good compass. Thanks to our extensive market expertise, SALES PORT not only identifies individual, cost-effective sales solutions, we also navigate safely through new sales channels.

The wealth of RessourcenReich lies in

our team, our diversity, and community.

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We’re big believers in the power of thinking!

Before we cast off, we set a course, and before we arrive, we pick the right port.

We focus our resources on one exactly one target: our clients’ success.
That’s what we work for, every day.
Henk Knaupe
founded RessourcenReich in 2008. Prior to this he held a variety of management positions at Reemtsma and was a partner and managing director at Scholz & Friends. He is the managing director of RessourcenReich GmbH and also of the two sister agencies, Sales Port and Brand Pier.
Our people are our key resource. Our clients’ success is built on their work.
My work actively supports this.
Finn-Lasse Schäfe
joined RessourcenReich in 2018. Previously, he worked for personnel service providers and in HR departments with a variety of focuses. He is the Human Resources Manager at RessourcenReich GmbH and also oversees the two sister agencies Sales Port and Brand Pier in this capacity.
Understanding thinking as a resource is at the core of what we do. It makes all the difference between success and failure.
This guides and drives us.
Yenni Strippelmann
has been on board at RessourcenReich since 2014 after working at other agencies. Now she’s Senior Strategic Consultant, and has overseen the constant growth of the strategy division. As an independent department and service unit for Sales Port and Brand Pier, RessourcenReich now offers a variety of strategic services.
It takes a talent for organisation and respect for others
to enable resources to develop their full potential.
Susanne Groth
has been familiar with the stormy waters of the agency industry for 30 years and has been part of the RessourcenReich crew as Office Administration Manager since 2019. Her sunny disposition and calming influence make her the central point of contact for all internal agency issues; she keeps all processes running smoothly and ensures that employees, customers and suppliers all feel they’re in the best hands.

Our Base
RessourcenReich GmbH
Astraturm 7. OG,

Zirkusweg 2, 20359 Hamburg
tel +49 40 808114-0